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Explorer 1 CD/DVD-Discpublisher

All-In-One System with printer, robotics, HDD, 2 16xDVD-recorder and integrated PC/Controller

Teac Explorer 1 - Disc Publishing System

  • Embedded control center
  • Robust casing, attractive design
  • All-in-one unit with printer, transfer robot, 2x HDD Sata, 2 x 16x DVD recorders and controller
  • Professional application software for duplication and printing
  • Thermo re-transfer printer
  • Supply bin 200 discs / output bin 200 discs
  • Total input capacity 300 discs

Diverse Possible Applications

The TEAC Explorer1 is a High-Performance Disc Publishing System with a capacity for up to 300 media and consits of 2 16x DVD burning drives, stable robotics for non-stop operating, an integrated PC and a P-55B Thermo-Printer.