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Hurricane 1 CD / DVD Robot

Basic module Hurricane with 1 CD/DVD drive and a magazine with 250 up to 375 CDs/DVDs (extendable up to 600).


The ADR "Hurricane 1" is the ideal solution for reproducing medium quantities of CDs/DVDs and printing professional labels on them.
It comes with 1 CD/DVD burner and an InkJet, Thermo- or Thermo-Retransfer-printer.

This DVD Robot is upgradable up to 10 drives
(6 drives with printer). The input bin holds 375 CDs/DVDs and is upgradable to 600 units.
This device is available as PC-controlled or as standalone version and with the network software it can be controlled via LAN/WAN by as many users and jobs as you like.

As manufacturer we see ourselves responsible that additional drives can always be upraded without the usual high exchange costs arising. An unlimited number of separate jobs can be started.
With the optional API-interface the ADR "Hurricane 1" can be controlled from existing databases per ASCII File and therefore individually generated CDs/DVDs can be
created fully automatically.
"Personalizing" CDs/DVDs is therefore no problem at all.


    About the Hurricane DVD Robot
  • The "Hurricane 1" DVD Robot is available with 1 CD/DVD drive
  • The "Hurricane 1" is a device of the ADR Module Series and can be upgraded up to
    10 drives (6 drives with printer)
  • The magazines carry 375 CDs/DVDs and can be upgraded to 600 CDs/DVDs
  • We recommend PC based solution because it allows a fast software update for new drives
  • The Hurricane is also LAN/WAN capable with an unlimited amount of jobs and users
  • It's possible to create an individual user interface which makes only certain functions accessible. Therefore even semi-skilled personnel can work professionally with our robots
  • New drives can always be added without the usual high exchange costs which can arise if the standalone controller is not upgradable!
  • An unlimited amount of separate jobs can be started
  • "personalizing" CDs/DVDs is possible
  • LAN/WAN network capable with an unlimited amount of jobs and clients
  • Direct digital-to-digital copying of a disc with "on-the-fly" or with hard drive
  • Can simultaneously write different copies on all CD/DVD-R
  • Can simultaneously control multiple CD/DVD autoloader (robots)
  • Can perform following functions:
    • Copy CD/DVD-ROM to CD/DVD image file
    • Copy CD/DVD image file to CD/DVD Recorder (supports CD/DVD image files which were made with a CD /DVD premastering application)
    • Can process output of for example Easy CD™
    • Processing of different Iso images
  • Inkjet or Thermotransfer printer
  • Audio Professional Duplication
  • Low costs
  • Multiple Simultaneous Duplication
  • Verification through a "low level compare" of the master and CD-Copy to check
    if the copy is correct
  • Highly developed Audio Resynchronization reading mode for high reliability when
    copying a digital audio CD (CD-DA/Digital Record) with professional applications
  • Sector errors are corrected "on-the-fly"
  • Decompression of MP3 files
  • Has an intuitive, user friendly interface for both beginners and experts

    ADR Robotics are all Made in Europe

    No other manufacturer offers
    5 Years warranty on industrial robotic