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Tornado 10 CD / DVD Duplicators

Tornado with up to
10 CD/DVD drives
and a magazine with
up to 600 CDs/DVDs

Features DVD Publisher Tornado:
  • The Tornado DVD Publisher is meant especially for high quantity DVD-copying,
    because you don't always have to lay in a new DVD by hand
  • The "Tornado 7" is available with 7 to 10 CD/DVD drives
  • The "Tornado" is a device of the ADR Module Series and can be upgraded to
    up to 10 drives (9 drives with printer)
  • The Magazines carries up to to 600 CDs/ DVDs/ BDs
  • The PC-based Copytower is equiped with a fast BitSlice computer
    which is installed with a PCI card
  • The Tornado is also LAN/WAN capable with an unlimited amount of jobs and users
  • The Copytower is PC based. Therefore even semi-skilled personnel can work professionally with our robots
  • New drives can always be added without the usual high exchange costs
    which can arise if the standalone controller is not upgradable!
  • Direct digital-to-digital copying of a disc with "on-the-fly" or with hard drive
  • Can simultaneously write different copies on all CD/DVD-R
  • Can simultaneously control multiple CD/DVD autoloader (robots)
  • Can perform following functions:
    • Copy CD/DVD-ROM to CD/DVD image file
    • Copy CD/DVD image file to CD/DVD Recorder
      (supports CD/DVD image files which were made with a CD /DVD
      premastering application)
    • Can process output of for example Easy CD™
    • Processing of different Iso images
  • Inkjet or Thermotransfer printer
  • Audio Professional Duplication
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Multiple Simultaneous Duplication
  • Verification through a "low level compare" of the master and CD-Copy
    to check if the copy is correct
  • Highly developed Audio Resynchronization reading mode for high reliability
    when copying a digital audio CD (CD-DA/Digital Record) with professional
  • Sector errors are corrected "on-the-fly"
  • Decompression of MP3 files
  • Has a intuitive, user friendly interface for both beginners and experts