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ADR DVD-Packer


Disc Stand to help packing
DVD Boxes


Inlay help for DVD-Amary Boxes
The ADR DVD-Packer has been developed to ease the packaging of DVD in Amaray-boxes. Finally the exhausting insection pf DVD-Covers has an end. You will encounter, that the device will ease your work imense.
The operator just opens the DVD-Box, puts it in the provided rack and then puts in the Inlay and the blank DVDÕs.
That way the Inlay wonÕt be destroyed and the DVD-Cover keeps its shiny look. The Hopper for the booklets and the DVD is located directly behind the DVD-Case, which eases the use.
The ADR DVD-Packer saves you 50% of your time compared to manual-packaging of your DVD-Amaray-Boxes. That way you can compensate the low price within shortest time.