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Automatic Overwrapping System
for DVD Boxes in Amaray Format 


Speedwrapper ADR260DVD
Automatic Cello-Wrapper for DVD Box (Amaray Format)
About the ADR Speedwrapper
The ADR200CD speed wrap, the ADR260DVD speed wrap and the ADR270BD Blu-ray speed wrap are fully automatic table top overwrappers designed to wrap CD, DVD or Blu-Ray cases at high speed with little user intervention. When your output needs the professional edge or simply requires those receiving discs to know they have not been tampered with, overwrapping is the ultimate solution. The speedwrapper from ADR is an easy to use, cost effective option. It provides a neat even case wrap with perfect seams time after time.
Easy to use
The CD, DVD and Blu-Ray speedwrappers simply need a power socket and roll of wrapping sheet to start wrapping cases, users place up to 25 cases in the input tray and press the start button. Once operating, the unit can wrap up to 1200 CD jewel cases, DVD Amaray case or DVD Blu-ray cases per hour. (depending on which format supportet ! Unit can only wrap ONE format !!)
Optional ADR Disc Stacker can be used to collect and stack your wrapped media cases neatly.
Advanced technology
The speed wrap allow the user maximum control with sealing temperature being electronically controlled and adjustable. For safety, the unit will stop automatically in the unlikely event of a jam. This protects the user and allows them to efficiently proceed with wrapping discs with the minimum of trouble.
Retail ready CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray cases
The speedwrapper gives a wrapping finish equal to that found in any retail outlet.
Whilst shrink wrapping can leave cases with rough, unsightly seams, the speed wrapper provides a neatly folded and sealed package.