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ADR Presto DVD / BD packaging maschine


Modular System for DVD Sheets,
Inlays and Discs
(supports DVD Box, Blu-Ray,
Nintendo DS and other Gaming boxes) 


Presto DVD / Blu-Ray packaging machine
Title Sheet Inserter (upgradeable)
About the Presto Title Sheet Inserter
The core of the system is the Presto Title Sheet Inserter which places title sheets underneath the clear layer of each case. Cases can be inserted one by one into the Title Sheet Inserter Module by hand in a semi automatic mode.
One Title Sheet Inserter Module with an operator can insert as many as 1200 title sheets per minute. Cases can alternatively be automatically inserted into the Title Sheet Inserter Module by utilizing the DVD / Blu-Ray Case Feeder Packaging Module to open and insert cases one by one.
The DVD Case Feeder Packaging Module and Title Sheet Inserter Module operate at up to 30 DVD / BD cases per minute. Discs can subsequently be placed by hand, or automatically using the Disc Placement Module.
As many as four discs can be placed in any case configuration. As many as 6 coupons or booklets can be placed underneath the clips within cases using the Booklet Placement Module. Finally a Case Closer Module allows the flexibility for cases to be closed before leaving the system or to be left open for subsequent placement of articles.
Flexibility of the Presto packaging line
To support a maximum of different packaging possibilities and options we designed the modular packaging system Presto which supports DVD-Boxes, Blu-Ray Cases and also Amaray Boxes for Nintendo DS Gaming devices.
The Presto Pack DVD / Blu-Ray modular packaging line can be either operated semi-automatically or fully automatically at speeds up to 30 DVD/Blu-Ray cases per minute. The complete fully automated line consist of the following seven modules:
  1. DVD / Blu-Ray Case Feeder Module
  2. DVD / Blu-Ray Title Sheet Inserter Module (Slipsheet / Slix)
  3. Disc Placement Module
  4. Coupon / Internal Booklet Placement Module
  5. Case Closer Module
  6. ID Tag/ Label Placement Module
  7. Vision ID / Inspection Module


Flexibility of the Presto Disc Packaging Systems
The initial acquisition of the slip sheet inserter vastly increases efficiency which can follow a progressive automation expansion by addition of the remaining modules as operational needs expand.
The Presto system offers great flexibility for DVD, Blu-Ray, game packs such as DS Amaray and multiple disc cases. Cases assembled using the Presto Pack system are packaged in record time and exhibit an accurate machine packed appearance. Standard thickness cases (14mm), slimline cases (6mm), up to jumbo cases (26mm) are all supported on the Presto DVD packaging equipment.