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Available for standard jewel cases (the ADR4000CD), slim line jewel cases
(the ADR4000CD-sl) and now DVD, type cases (the ADR4000-DVD),
these tabletop units are dedicated to small or medium scale production of discs
and are a cost effective solution providing professionally finished packaging
for short run work, at a tenth of the cost of industrial equipment.
Easy To Use
The semi-automatic operation is simple and effective. A pre-cut sheet of
polypropylene wrapping material is placed on the manual platform.
The case is simply placed on the pre-cut sheet and the operator closes the cover,
which tensions the wrapping and makes the first heat-seal. The case is
then placed into the hopper for the second fold and seal operation,
which is fully automatic. The result is a professionally folded and
sealed CD or DVD case.
The sealing temperature is electronically controlled and
can be set to the desired value. An electronic security system
stops the machine operating in the case of incorrect usage.
The result is a professionally folded and sealed CD or DVD case suitable
for even the best retail presentations and all this
for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.
The ADR4000CD for wrapping standard CD cases
The ADR4000CD has been specially designed to provide a professional
CD Jewel Case wrapping facility capable of wrapping up to 300 CDs per hour.