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CD/DVD Duplicator DigiMatic


DigiMatic"ODIXION": The network solution for multimedia publishing and
off-line archiving on CD/DVD

DigiMatic DM duplication system

Multimedia publishing on CD/DVD and network data backup

How can you create and produce CD and DVD series from any client computer in a Local Area Network? DigiMatic now makes it possible. The ideal solution for serial production of marketing tools, electronic catalogues, presentations etc.

For CD/DVD publishing up to 50 pieces without reloading, automatic serial duplication, print on the CD surface in photo quality, continuous etc. An efficient and easy-to-handle multi platform software is included in the delivery. This makes the production of CDs/DVDs (recording and labeling) and the creation of publishing series as easy as possible.also included in the delivery: a user-friendly graphics software for the creation of of logos, photos and texts or downloading serial numbers etc. from a database.
DigiMatic DM also includes a software suite, which enables programming your data backup operations. If necessary the backup is split to several mediums which get an identification mark printed on. DigiMatic is delivered with a 5-user package in series.

DigiMatic DMA

Multiuser Administration

The DMA version has every feature of DigiMatic DM and additionally contains a license for 50 users. Therefore a wider circle of persons is enabled to simultaneously create backups or publications on CD/DVD.

The network administrator controls access to the DigiMatic through user accounts.
He sets limits to number and type of the allowed copy for each user (for example 20 CDs allowed, but no permission to create Audio CDs etc.)
The administrator sets the priority level for each user account. This ensures that jobs with higher priority are finished first.

DigiMatic DMST

Secured Archiving

The DMST version has every feature of DigiMatic DM and additionally enables the user to create long term schedules for archiviung, encryption (ideal for secure handling of confidential data) or indication of backups to surely identify the content of a data medium later.

DigiMatic DMD

Medical Dicom

DigiMatic DMD is compatible to every DICOM 3-based (Digital Imaging & Communication in Medicine) system in the medical sector through it's special interface. The DMD can be used for temporary and permanent storage of electronic documents (for example x-rays, videos of surgeries, scanners...)

on CD or DVD.

DigiMatic DMI


DigiMatic DMI is a "Open Source Multi-Plattform System" [Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, Proprietary Operating System...] and is delivered with a SDK [Software Development Kit]. Therefore software companies are given the possibility to integrate DigiMatic into their own individual applications. The posibilities of use are virtually unlimited.