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Optivault XR

  • 4800 DPI Full-Color Printing
  • One DVD±R / CD-R Drive
  • 50-Disc Capacity
  • Networked Disc Publishing

Optivault XR - CD und DVD-Duplicator
Backup your data automatically from network!

Introducing OptiVault:
OptiVault is a new archival appliance that backs up and quickly recovers all emails that are sent, received or deleted through Microsoft Exchange, including attachments. It operates unobtrusively in the background of your Exchange server, reliably backing up all emails on optical media.

When you need to recover emails from any mailbox for any date range OptiVault finds them on the appropriate backup discs and restores them automatically.

Because it uses non-erasable, non-rewritable media that can be stored off-site, OptiVault provides true WORM (Write Once Read Many) compliance. This is a critical specification for publicly-held corporations, healthcare, brokerage and financial institutions and others who must meet the strict email, data and document retention requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC 17-a, HIPAA and a host of other government regulations.

WORM technology is also highly desirable for any organization that needs to be able to quickly and reliably retrieve data and files of all types without over-burdening primary storage devices or media. Experts agree that optical media is the most rugged and reliable backup media available. Its archival life is measured in decades — not just years.

The backup solutions of the software company POINT is contained in the scope of supply beside Primo DVD of SONIC®, the world-wide leader for duplication software on Windows and Mac systems. With POINT Archiver Backups of your firm data can easy be made on DVD+R media. Parallel to the backup solution you can use this machine to make from CDs and DVDs from network data.

In the server environment the Disc Publisher XR can be merged by means of PTBurn as servers/Client solution or programmers uses races PTdevSuite, in order to provide own applications. This efficient API for Windows 2000/XP offers full control of the Disc Publisher XR of transport, burning up to printing. PTDevSuite is free of charge available for developers.

Choose between installation in a server cabinet or as free standing device stackable up to three units one above the other for still more production output. That saves place and with an efficient computer system you can operate equivalent with two devices with one computer.