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fully automatic CD/DVD duplicator and printer in one. Up to 50 CDs/DVDs per job

Our Pronto CD/DVD copy-robot for easy 1:1 duplication fully automatically makes up to 100 copies in a row. The function .verify. allows to check the CDs so faulty CDs are rejected immediately. The device works independently and doesn't have to be connected to a PC. With the device with harddisc it's also possible to save several masters on the harddrive.


- Standalone, no PC necessary
- Autoloading mechanism
- Up to 100 CDs/DVDs capacity
- Equipped with either CD or DVD drive
- LCD display
- Extended Functions:
- Copy
- Copy and Compare
- Simulate
- Simulate and Copy
- Load (with HDD module only)
- Compare
- Fast Delete
- Verify
- Edit
- Multiple master discs (with HDD module only)