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TEAC P55 CD Printer


TEAC P55 Disk Printing-Robot, the perfect CD/DVD image monochrome and
color-printer adapted from the Thermo-Re-Transfer printing technology MicroDry.


About the "TEAC P-55" CD / DVD printing-robot:
The "Teac P55 Thermo Retransfer CD/DVD printing-robot" sets new standards in the printing of CDs and DVDs. With it's latest Thermo-Re-Transfer printing technology "MicroDry" it opens new dimensions in the print quality of CD-labels.
With a resolution of 400 dpi the TEAC P55 CD/DVD printing-robot directly prints your graphics photo-realistic onto a CD making them instantly waterproof, colorfast and permanently lightfast.
Lower your production costs.
Not only is TEAC's new VersaMax-Color Ribbon downright versatile, but it also fulfills all demands for professional, high-class printing of CDs and DVDs.
Discs which are only suitable for the Thermo-Re-Transfer print aren't essential anymore with the VersaMax-Ribbon. In combination with TEAC's P-55 CD printer most media can be printed without having to worry about the surface. The result: wider range of media, a clearly improved cost effectiveness as well as higher production capacities.
To be able to print on nearly every disc that is available on the market the Versa-
Max-Color Ribbon has an additional glue coat to it's three CMY-Colors
(Cyan, Magenta and Yellow). Thanks to this coating you are even able to bring
top-class prints onto inexpensive media (for example with silver coating).
With that said TEAC's P-55 CD/DVD printer now makes four different print qualities perceivable.
TEAC's P-55 CD/DVD printer reaches it's highest print quality with fascinating and realistic color display when using the Photo-Color Ribbon.
With the "Color-Ribbon" CDs and DVDs can be produced with high splendour and color saturation.
Black and white results with impressing contrast are possible when using the black Color-Ribbon.
The VersaMax-Ribbon is the most versatile solution without having to revert to particular coated media.
Common customer questions
What kind of print technology does the TEAC P55 CD Printer use?
The P55 Printer harnesses the Thermo-Retransferprint and also Microdry print technology.
During the process the selected picture will be printed mirror-invertedly onto a carrier foil which will be put onto the media with heat and pressure.
What printing modes does it support?
The TEAC P55 is a versatile printer when it comes to modes. Depending on the color ribbon it can print in 4 different modes.
Color, Photo-Color, Versamax (VMS) or Bootleg.
Wherefore do I need the Versamax Ribbon?
The Versamax Ribbon prints onto all conventional blank disks. Therefore you are able to save when buying data carriers since you can also buy the inexpensive ones.
How fast is the P55?
The latest P55-C printer requires 53 seconds for one print which makes it faster than other customary printing methods.
What advantages does the P55 Printer have to offer?
Besides offering the worldwide best print quality the P55 CD/DVD Printer's printout immediately turns waterproof, scratch- and UV-resistant and therfore it offers the most professional and satisfying results.
Require a free printing sample from us. You will be pleasantly surprised and are welcome to send us one of your graphics for the sample.