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Exclesior CD / DVD Printer with autoloader


All our listed Disc-Printers
are available with autoloader or in connection
with fully automatic CD/DVD-print- and copyrobots.


The Excelsior Autoprinter 600
The new EXCELSIOR InkJet CD printer is ideal for users with a high capacity of CD/DVD productions. In combination with our ADR industrial robotics you will receive a sturdy copyrobot which is able to withstand the hardest conditions.
Printing quality
By applicating the latest Hewlett-Packard Inkjet technology the Excelsior Disk Printer 4800dpi offers excellent quality and a high printing speed.
Thanks to patented HP-Technology the Excelsior CD / DVD printer offers outstanding photorealistic printing quality. With the support of the improved HP’ PhotoREt III technology the Excelsior is able to reach a 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution. Featuring dedicated original HP ink cartridges the Excelsior delivers lively, realistic colours and sharpest printings.
An intuitive label software is already included.
Fast and efficient
The impressing printing quality was only able to be achieved through the intuitive design of the new printing tray that holds the disk absolutely accurate on the same spot to avoid even the slightest deviation.
Thus the printing speed was able to be enhanced markedly.
Favourable printing costs
Thanks to the single ink cartridges printing costs can be lowered drastically since you only have to replace the colours which are truly empty. Not a single drop of ink will be wasted.
By virtue of the increased capacity up to 1500 disks can be printed with an ADR robot without any oversight being necessary
Therefore the Excelsior printer is designed for the professional user to print a high
amount of CDs/DVDs and keeping the costs low.
Autoloader Support
The DVD Excelsior printer can be integrated into our ADR autoloader to copy media fast and fully automatic.
The perfect device to satisfy even the most sophisticated CD/DVD manufacturers.
Thanks to the new Error Report you will receive a mail from the device, to an adress of your choice, if any problems should occur.