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Thunder CD/DVD Burning Station 1:3


Copy CDs/ DVDs effortless
without a PC and just one push of a button.
This model consists of one controller and three
CD/DVD burners.


About the Thunder ADR CD/DVD Burning Station:

The Thunder ADR CD/DVD burning station was specially designed for studios and users who already have over 20 loaded closets. With their solid housing these devices of the Thunder Series will even withstand against very heavy pressure

Primary users are media companies for broadcasting, television channels, radio stations but also event-managers who want to share their data directly onto CDs/ DVDs while attending an event.

In combination with our ADR Autoloader you will receive a complete and inexpensive CD/ DVD productionsystem with convincing and professional results.


Expandable by modules:

Appropriate to the ADR philosphy the Thunder CD/DVD-burning systems are built up modular.

You can link up 255 Thunder-duplicators to achieve a maximum throughput with hardly any effort.