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Primera Disc Publisher Xi

The latest Publisher by Primera
the worlwide best-selling CD/DVD robot of the Disc Publisher series.
(by choice also available with Blu-Ray)

The Disc Publisher PRO Xi-series is the derivative of the Disc Publisher PRO, the worlds best-selling duplication system with two burning drives and a productioncapacity of 100 discs per job. (EOL-product)

Caused by the progress of technology and design the models of the new product range are not only more efficient and faster but also more trustworthy than their predecessors. The Xi-series is the ideal solution for an automatized production of burnt and printed optical media in a professional quality.

Among the choices are three DP-Pro Xi models, each with a holding capacity of 100 discs:

  •     DP-Pro Xi AutoPrinter – pure printing version without a burning drive; ideal for users who already own a copy station without printing options.             
  •     DP-Pro Xi Disc Publisher – has a built-in burning drive.
  •     DP-Pro Xi2 Disc Publisher – has 2 integrated burning drives for an even faster production.

If requested the Xi as well as the Xi2 are optionally available with Blu-ray Disc™ burning drives of the latest generation. Blu-ray Discs allow the recording of High-Definition-videos with up to 25 GB when using Single-Layer-media or 50 GB with Dual-Layers. Naturally these capacities can be used as backup for documents, photos and other data.


Speed counts

Standing in the focus of the Disc Publisher Pro Xi-series is the significant enhancement of the throughput volume. Therefore all components of the Disc Publisher such as robotics, gripping mechanisms and software have been tested in the beginning of the development concerning it's efficiency as well as the production performance. Furthermore it has been reviewed for its room for improvement.


The probably most significant change has been made in the robotics, in this particular case the process of media transport.

The until recently usual drive spindle for operating with the grappler has been replaced with a precise belt drive that has a process controled multiphase motor. Belt drives significantly enhance throughput speed – in the case of the Xi-series of over 300%.

Precisely takes hold of discs

Transporting mistakes or grasping two discs at once lead to unwanted producion stops and can even damage the burning drives Brennlaufwerke. AccuDisc™, the gripping mechanism by Primera prevents these mistakes and is leading the industry worldwide thanks to the combination of patented mechanics and innovative software.

Furthermore the speed of the seventh AccuDisc-generation has been increased by 200%.


Professional printing images

The integrated ink jet printing module by Lexmark®, a leading company in the printing industry, convinces with high-quality full-scale color prints and a resolution of 4800 dpi, the highest one possible for disc duplicators and printing systems.

To achieve the best results and produce professional discs, it would be best using TuffCoat-media with WaterShield™-surface by Primera. TuffCoat-WaterShield-media are water-, scratch- and smearproof and have a splendidly shining surface. Naturally you can use optical media from other manufacturers. They merely have to printable by an ink jet.

Integrable 4800 DPI Drucker

The Disc Publisher II produces beautiful color prints with a resolution of up to 4800dpi – the highest one available. You will be able manufacture CDs with high resolution texts, graphics or even photos with a professional appearance. The printing speed is very impressive. Printing this depicted CD with 600 x 600 dpi took only 54 seconds.

PT-Burn Net software

PT-Burn sofware is additionally available. It offers you the complete functionality in a network. Orders can be prepared decentralised and then be sent to a server which is connected to the Primera Disc Publisher II (PTBurn is only available for PC)

Exclusive AccuDisc™ Technology

The new AkkuDisk technology from Primera which is patent pending. As a result from hardware- and firmware-enhancements it embodies the most accurate and precise grasp-mechanism, for lifting CDs, that is available on the market. By using technical upscale LED optic instead of mechanical components, AkkuDisk removes the misalignment of the grasp mechanism. It also prevents the machine of inserting more than one CD into the reading device – a common problem with other grasping systems, which can lead to the destruction of a device

Great selection of media

In addition to common 120 mm the Disc Publisher II can also be used for different media formats such as business cards-CDs and 80mm media. Concerning this an additional  media adapter kit is required

PTRip - the personal music studio

As of now ADR AG offers the software „PTRip“ which is compatible with all Primera disc publisher tools for printing and burning. Users of one of the burn- and printing-robots receive this software for free.

PoINT Publisher - the full package for CD/DVD On-Demand production

Admitted standards and low costs for CD / DVD recorders and media are the reasons for the great success of the CD / DVD recording technology. Burning CDs and DVDs with only one recorder and manually switching the media is simply not accepatble in a commercial environment. A system that consists of multiple recorders and a mechanism that is able to switch media by itself ("Autoloader") is needed for a professional CD / DVD production. Always gaining in importance is the so-called "On-demand Publishing". It predominantly produces individually designed discs out of consisting data. These applications setzen require a flexible and efficient software. Thanks to it's modularity the PoINT Publisher fulfills all requirements of a professional CD and DVD Recording solution.

Optionally available with Blu-Ray!

Easy to handle and install

The Primera Disc Publisher Xi is very easy to operate with. After only a few minutes the system will be installed and you can start your first CD/DVD production right away. With the already included layout- and printing software you are able to create professional Layouts, which will then be integrated into the production order.

Of course you can use your recent layout programm, if you already have one, and import graphics or render finished printing files with the printing driver. The included burning software forms the actual control program of the Disc Publisher.

Here you can compile your data or also import finished ISO files from other programs and then combine them in a connection to the print image into a production order. Orders that have been rendered like this can be saved and then be called up again when having a production order or just be strung together into a job-list. As an option the Software PTBurn, that  offers you the complete functionality in one network, is available. The orders will then be created decentralized at the working place and then sent to the server that is connected with the Disc Publisher. (PTBurn is only available for PC).


High CD/DVD Capacity

The Primera Xi series standardly has capacity of at least 100 Discs (when using the included kiosk mode)

The discs will be ejected from the front.

As of one of the leading manufacturers of CD/DVD production systems in the desktop area, Primera, offers you a small and trustworthy device for in-house productions with the Primera Disc Publisher Xi CD/DVD copier. If you want to produce CDs / DVDs at the office, no matter if audio, videos, music, software, photos, pictures, presentations and more – thanks to it's effectiveness and reliability you can even let the Primera Disc Publisher Xi work over night. The Disc Publisher Xi delivers professional results at an affordable price.

Why buy at ADR?

As one of  the first european trade partners of Primera and with a team that consists of more than 10 technicians stehen we are on hand with help and advice even after purchasing the product. By request you will receive the following services:

  • On site installation
  • Maintenance agreement
  • SWAP-Service
  • On site reparation
  • Part exchange in case of upgrade