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EPSON Disc Producer PP-50

The Disc Producer with one drive and a clip with 50 stacks

is the perfect system for getting started in the media

production market.

The new EPSON Discproducer™ PP-50

As of recently Epson introduced the EPSON Disc Producer™ PP50 as little brother of the popular PP-100 vorgestellt. Meanwhile the Disc Producer has ascended to the prefered solution in the everyday office life. And with good reason because of the high and priceworth printing quality and it's reliabilty is unbeaten in it's price category.

The PP50 is the smallest device of the Epson DiscProducer series and is directed towards everyone with hardly any need for In-House CD productions.
Modern Highend-Printing technology and conveyance

The quality of a CD/DVD production system for CD/DVD-bootlegs is predominantly determined through the interaction of printing technology, software and robotics. Worldwide Epson is the only supplier who develops inkjet printers as well as precision-robots for the industry and then merchandises internationally. These two core technologies have been combined into a unique and professional product. Next to the single-user-version of the Epson Discproducer™ PP-50, the Epson PP100 network version has been released recently.


Are you a service provider who is specialised in duplicating CD/DVD-media? The Epson Disc-Producer PP-100 will be of great use when entering the high-margin and fast growing market of media production. After a short induction you will be able to compile optical data carriers professional and on demand. Whether for series- or individual manufacturing the high reliability and profitability of robotic and print-system makes the Epson Discproducer™ the ideal system to get started for CD/DVD service providers.
The DiscProducer™ for clinics and surgeries

The change from the analog X-ray image or CT scan to digital pictures opens new perspectives in lowering legal costs and furthermore expanding patient service. The expenive film simply is replaced with an optical data storage device and can be examined in every surgery.  By passing on the digital data of patients such as radiological, cardiological, ultrasound- or CT-scans doctors and patients can be informed better, faster and safely.
(PACs software with DICOM interface available)
Features Epson Discproducer PP-50
  • Reliability
  • High printing quality
  • Low printing costs
  • 1 CD/DVD burner (BD optional)
  • Compact design
  • High capacity
  • 50 Discs
  • Single ink cartridges
  • Patented robotic