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EPSON Disc Producer PP-100N

The Disc Producer PP100N in
network variety with an integrated PC.

As of now you can trigger the EPSON Disc Producer PP-100N directly out of the network. The EPSON PP-100N is equipped with an integrated PC and merely has to be connected to the network via ethernet cable.

The new EPSON Discproducer™ PP-100N

The Epson Discproducer PP-100N is the ideal solution, when you burn and print CDs/DVDs on a regular basis. It is network-compatible and has specifically been
optimised for teamwork.

With it you can easily and reliably handle up to five jobs at once.

Highend-print-technology and robotics

In addition to the reliability and excellent quality of the Epson Discproducer-Family the PP-100N has additional advantages to offer:

Single ink cartridges

Of course this device has single ink cartridges. Not only does thatbenefit the environment but it also proves to be advantageous for your consumption costs.

From now on there is nor more disposing of half-full cartridges and you can get the maximum out of your ink cartridges.

Effective workflow

The integrated logic of the PP-100N
saves the jobs of multiple users
and works them off one at a time. Your employees save
waiting time and their netzwork will be relieved
since the data for every duplication process
doesn't have to be sent anymore.

Multiple users simultaneously

  • Multiple users can work parallel with the system.
  • The Epson Discproducer PP-100N can handle up to 5 orders at once.
  • The system saves as many as 80 jobs on it's harddisk.
  • The last ones can be called up anytime as template and can then be reproduced.
Protection and data integrity

Deactivate burning drives and
printers of local PCs. With the
network publisher you will maintain
control over copy proceedings, your
valuable data and your media.

A doorlock impedes that the
production will be interrupted
while everyone is at work Betrieb and
avoids eventual rejection.

The doorlock of the PP-100N ensures safe production processing.

1: Deactivate local Burning

Because your data can be sent to the Epson Discproducer PP-100N
via network, you can deactive local computers.
Thus as an administrator you will receive full control
over burning data onto optical media.

2: Job establishment

The users start the software »Total Disc Maker«, set up a layout and then send their current burn- and printing orders.

3: Production

Your CD/DVD-bootlegs will now
be burnt as desired and as
demanded in the users defaults
individually printed. With the from
Epson recommended media you will
receive a high-gloss print image
which additionally is smear- and waterproof.

4: Temporary media storage

After the print- and
burning process the finished
CDs and DVDs are discarded into the PP-100N.

5: Media readout

A status message informs the user as soon as the burn- and printing process has been finished.
The user can then remove his CDs and DVDs either opening the safety door or by simply using the CD shelf.