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ADR Crush Box Harddrive Destroyer

ADR Crush Box harddrive destroyer


ADR Crushbox physically desolate
your harddrives or other data storage devices.
Aside from deleting a harddrives memory, destroying it physically is the only way to really go sure that the data can never be found again.
About this device
The new Crushbox is available in two different versions, manual or semiautomatic.
Do not risk unauthorised users looking into your data.
We assure you that our Crushbox destroys data carriers irretrievably. Thanks to it's "Quick and Quiet " function it is able to demolish a harddrive in less than 20 seconds silently.
Simply insert the media which is to be destroyed into the duct of the device. At the push of a button (if it's the manual version simply activate the hydraulic lever ) the data storage device will be wrecked irrevocably.
When it comes to your sensitive data don't take any risks. The ADR CrushBox is securer than every software solution on the market.
Destroy your sensitive data beyond retrieval.
This device applies to everyone who has sensitive data that must not be seen by others:
  • Authorities
  • Military
  • Medicin
  • Archives
  • Printers
  • PC leasing
  • Insurances
  • Industries