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Whirlwind Blu-Ray Copy Tower 1:5


Copy CDs/ DVDs effortless
without a PC and just one push of a button.
This model consists of one drive and five
CD/DVD burners.


About the ADR Blu-Ray Copy Tower:

Our ADR Blu-Ray/ CD/ DVD - copy towers always come in handy when a large quantity of Blu-Rays, CDs or DVDs is needed.
Their main applications are trading fairs, events, training sessions, religious services and they are also of good use for independent photographers who would like to share their data on site when attending an event.
If combined with our ADR Autoloader, you will receive a complete, inexpensive Blu-Ray/ CD/ DVD productionsystem with convincing and professional results.
Lightscribe option
In addition we also offer this product to you with Lightscribe burning drives, meaning you can label your Blu-Rays/ CDs/ DVDs right after copying them.
After copying the media simply turn them around, insert them into the copy tower again and then you can professionally imprint your media.
Retrofittable with autoloader:
The ADR Blu-Ray/ CD/ DVD-copy towers can only be retrofitted afterwards with our patented ADR-Robotics.
With a stack-room of 600 Blu-Rays/ CDs/ DVDs this robotic fully automatically equips your Blu-Ray/ CD/ DVD-Copy Tower and it is also capable of working fully on it's own without a PC.